APX’s accomplishments are a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication of this special group of people. Our team is our greatest strength! We strive to be the best we can be day-in and day-out for our clients.

Lars Kvale

Head of Business Development

  • Leading expert on REC and carbon markets
  • Experience includes developing the GHG protocols in the California carbon market, renewable energy certification programs and environmental market registries
  • Policy and market consulting

(With APX since 2008)

Devon Walton
Head of Client Management

  • Launched the APX SaaS registry business
  • Experience includes environmental credit brokering and water and biodiversity credit program

(With APX for more than 10 years)

Katherine Graham
Head of Product Management

  • Responsible for New Products and ensuring APX Products consistently exceed client expectations
  • Experience includes front and back-office operations for power, building and managing environmental registries
  • Over 15 years in the energy and environmental markets

(With APX since 2003)

Moises Melgoza
Head of Account Management

  • Responsible for on-boarding and daily client interaction to ensure our customers come first.
  • Experience includes operations, scheduling and settlement as well as numerous ERCOT QSE and ISO plant connections

(With APX since 2006)

Cris Gallegos
Sales and Sr. Account Manager

  • Responsible for on-boarding and daily client interaction to ensure our customers come first.
  • Over 10 years managing APX Clients as well as having setup numerous CAISO SCs

(With APX since 2000)

Carl Schlemmer
Demand Response Product Manager

  • Responsible for Wholesale and Utility Demand Response Programs
  • Experience includes consulting, implementing environmental registries for RECs and Carbon Offsets and lead analyst for PJM and SPP.

(With APX since 2007)

Paul Innamorato
Manager of Power Operations

  • Responsible for managing the 24×7 Operations Center and all real-time client or systems issues
  • Over 10 years of operations experience working in all ISO regions

(With APX since 2004)

Phil Doan
Product Support Specialist

  • Responsible for ERCOT and CAISO settlement products
  • Experience includes operations, tagging, scheduling and settlement with multiple ISO transitions to nodal markets

(With APX since 2006)