Our Unique Approach

The APX MarketSuiteĀ® Demand Response System is designed for secure and private use to facilitate real-time participation in wholesale demand response. The system is secure and accessible over the Internet. Dispatch notifications can be white-labeled and are communicated in real-time via traditional methods, as well as machine-to-machine interfaces. Settlement calculations are configurable. Easily integrate with other systems for managing registration, nominations, dispatches, and meter data harvesting. In addition to a system that is feature-rich with intuitive user-interfaces, APX delivers this solution as a Software-as-a-Service and provides 24/7 Operations helpdesk and program administration support to make implementing and operating a program easy, saving time and money.

FERC Mandates Demand Response
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued Order 745 on March 15, 2011. This Order instructs each Independent System Operator (ISO) to compensate demand resources at the locational marginal price (LMP) when they reduce their energy usage when price meets economic benefit thresholds, resulting in decreased price volatility. This new compensation structure increases opportunities for demand resources to participate in the wholesale energy markets. However, Demand Response Initiatives vary by ISO as do technology and process requirements. The cost and complexity of meeting the technology and process requirements can present barriers to taking advantage of these opportunities. Below we highlight key ISO Demand Response programs for which APX solutions can be used:


    • Wholesale market not yet active due to delays in finalizing policies
    • Strong utility retail programs: APX administers PGE, SCE and SDG&E’s Capacity Bidding Programs

    • Load resources can provide ancillary services to wholesale market
    • ~450 MW of load participating in Emergency Responsive Service (ERS) program
    ISO New England

    • ~800 MW participating in capacity program
    • ~300 MW participating in day-ahead price responsive market program
    New York ISO

    • Load resources can provide ancillary services to wholesale market
    • ~2,000 MW of load participating in reliability programs

    • Load and behind the meter generators bid into energy and ancillary service markets
    • ~440 MW of demand response resources
    • ~6,500 MW of load modifying resources
    • ~900 MW of emergency demand resources

    • ~2,500 MW participating into energy and ancillary services markets
    • ~9,000MW participating in capacity market

    • Load and behind the meter generators bid into DA energy and ancillary service markets