Powerful Solutions for Renewable Energy Credit (REC) and Voluntary Carbon Portfolio Management

Environmental markets are by nature very complex and, as a result, difficult and time consuming for people to navigate and manage.  Environmental programs – be they Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), Carbon (voluntary or compliance), NOx or SO2 – all have separate registries, rules and obligations, creating a complex matrix of demands for the executive charged with managing an environmental portfolio.  Keeping track of all of this is a tough challenge.  In the absence of an EMA, a manager will have to keep abreast of any change to Registry rules, and in all probability, track on spreadsheets the many accounts across legal entities and hundreds (if not thousands) of positions in their portfolio, both spot and forward.  These in turn need to be reconciled and inserted into a company’s accounting and risk management systems.  Whether your company is a project developer, a trader or retail energy service provider – managing and maintaining flawless execution of the actions and the obligations required to meet specific environmental market requirements is a Herculean task.  The Environmental Market Account makes this less daunting and a lot more manageable, allowing you, and your team, more time to focus on your core competencies.

Get access to the tools your teams need to succeed in environmental markets today:

Portfolio AccessAccess to all Registry accounts from a single point of entry offering a uniform aggregated position and transaction view of all your REC and voluntary carbon assets

Deal Capture – Central service to register, track and manage all of your spot and forward contracts

Registry Transactions – Real-time execution and management of your OTC and forward transactions with counterparties via direct integration with all US-based REC registries and multiple voluntary carbon tracking systems

Market Viewer – Portfolio management with a “balance sheet” level view of assets and liabilities, both current and future

Project Track – Searchable database of all publicly available REC and carbon offset project information

First launched in 2009, EMA is a tried and trusted enterprise level environmental asset management solution utilized by some of the most active participants in environmental markets today.  Our experience in providing infrastructure and solutions to environmental markets is unparalleled.  With over 100 years of cumulative experience within our diverse team of subject matter experts, APX clients can rest assured of solutions and services designed with proven insight and deep experience of environmental markets.

For additional information, please visit www.emaccount.com, or to schedule a live demonstration of how EMA can help your business, please contact Devon Walton at +1 408 517 2139 (dwalton@apx.com) or visit our Contact Us page here