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APX Helps Manage ISO Rules and Technology Requirements

APX is a pioneer in the development and operation of independent Demand Response systems. Whether you are an aggregator of demand resources, or you have your own load looking to participate as resources in wholesale markets, APX has a flexible and scalable demand response toolkit which provides = integration with all North American ISOs. Let APX handle the complexities of the variation in products, participation rules, and processes from one region to another.

  • Day-ahead Bidding
  • Day-ahead Scheduling
  • Real-time Dispatching
  • SCADA Integration (if required)
  • Timely Notifications (including sub-client notifications)
  • Full Settlement Data Warehouse and Reporting (including customizable performance calculations)

APX Infrastructure Allows You to Participate in the Most Demanding Products
Our clients achieve the fastest dispatch and curtailment performance. This is critical when operating in the wholesale markets where program participation and compliance is measured in seconds. Many industry leading load serving entities and aggregators have been long-time partners that rely on APX to make their clients successful in maximizing load shedding revenue.

Demand Response Integration Diagram