About Us


APX has continuously provided innovative technology and service solutions for the energy and environmental markets. Our business experience spans transaction management, registries, scheduling, settlements, demand-side management, asset control, analytics, operations, exchanges, clearing, and brokerage. We continue to leverage our deep domain and technological expertise, providing focused solutions for our clients in the energy and environmental markets. This depth and breadth of knowledge makes the APX team uniquely qualified to provide leading-edge market solutions that deliver trust, integrity, and experience.

The APX Mission Statement

APX builds and manages Market Infrastructure, and Market-Based Solutions in the New Energy Paradigm.

APX Core Values

At APX, everything we do is shaped by our core values. These values guide our everyday business relationships as well as our interaction with clients and colleagues.

These core values reflect:
•Customer first

Code of Conduct

APX conducts its business with the highest standards of conduct. Each employee must sign at hire, and re-certify annually, their understanding of our written Code of Conduct as a prerequisite of employment. We believe that governance guided by a sound code of conduct improves the quality our relationship with each employee, associate, and client.

Tax Basis

The merger of APX, Inc. with a subsidiary of APX Holdings (then called NYSE Blue) on February 18, 2011, along with certain prior conversions of APX’s Preferred Stock into its Common Stock, require it to provide holders with information on the impact of these actions on the tax basis of their securities. A link to the relevant documents appears below. We urge you to discuss your specific tax situation as it relates to the transactions described in these documents with your tax advisor.

2012 APX Forms 8937