APX has grown into a leadership role over the last two decades through strong client support, proven infrastructure and reliable, cost-effective, 24/7 operations in our APX Environmental Markets and APX Power Markets businesses.

APX Environmental Markets is a leading infrastructure provider for environmental and energy markets in renewable energy and greenhouse gases, including carbon commodities. APX business services include the APX Environmental Management Account, a complete suite of solutions for environmental asset and risk management, and APX Registries services for Renewable Energy in the United States and Voluntary Carbon worldwide.

APX is uniquely qualified to provide these services because APX tracks and manages more environmental assets than any other infrastructure provider. With more than 2 billion certificates under management and 1300 global firms as account holders, APX market infrastructure sets the standard for ensuring integrity in environmental markets.

APX Power Markets provides a comprehensive suite of solutions and services that allow for rapid market entry and cost-effective wholesale power market services for all market participants. This means less cost, less effort, less worry, and less risk in power operations – which translates into greater business performance and profitability for our clients. APX clients are free to focus their attention on the strategically important aspects of their business, while APX handles operational details on their behalf.

With the APX MarketSuiteĀ® and Software as a Service (SaaS) model, clients benefit from no need to build, buy, install and maintain an IT infrastructure, constantly updating scheduling and settlement applications for ISO market changes, and addressing periodic ISO system operations issues. The APX MarketSuite also supports Demand Response programs suitable for various operational needs. Business continuity is assured for market participants through redundant facilities, systems, and 24/7 monitoring. APX MarketOps services offer power market participants the fastest, most cost-effective way to handle their power market operations, because APX staff can respond to your changing business needs. If you are a new market entrant or need to understand how market changes impact your strategy or operations, you can rely on APX’s expertise.